Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween's Gone to the Dogs!

My friend Josie is loving her pussycat costume!
Josie is wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Isn't that a great face?

My friends Josie and Holly Berry live in a large house in North Hills.  This is the house where my Jack came after he was rescued from the mean streets, so it is regarded as a special place in our family.

Josie loves her kitty-cat friends and was happy to smile for the camera in her kitty costume.

Holly Berry...
Holly Berry isn't all that thrilled with her Halloween Bat ensemble.
... not so much.

Holly is shy and retiring and didn't think the bat costume was her best look.

She is adorable anyway.

I love the fun, cute part of Halloween - dressing up and being silly and eating way too much candy!

I also love my doggie friends.

Happy Hoooowwwllllllll-o-ween everyone!

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