Monday, October 1, 2012

Hot Wheels

Kirsti and the new baby
My brother recently purchased a convertible.

I teased my brother that his new 'acquisition-of-the-automobile kind' is his "mid-life crisis" car.

I made jokes about his "girlfriend" pictured in it.

I also got in a few digs about his Scandinavian car obsession.

All of those statements are far from the truth, i.e., there is no crisis in my brother's life, that's his lovely wife in the car, and he has owned a few cars that were not built in Sweden through the years... well, at least one.  But, nevertheless, it's fun to tease him, and I rarely have the opportunity to do so.

Okay.  I know.  I have the opportunity every day.  I just choose not to.  Most of the time!

Now, back to my point.  (There really is one and I'm getting to it shortly in here somewhere!) Here it is:   In my humble opinion, that car is much better suited to California weather, than Utah weather... hint hint....

I mean, honestly, when you think about it, convertibles are noisy, they mess up your hair totally, and once the weather turns cold and snowy, they aren't a lot of fun at all.  All good reasons for someone living in Utah not to drive such a car.

I'm just saying.

And here it is October 1st, and it's hot as can be here in the Los Angeles area, whereas Utah is chilling down into Fall.

And on a completely different note (are you buying that?): Hey, my birthday - here in California - is coming up SOON...

Okay, I don't think my brother is going to accept any of those arguments.  At all.

All kidding aside, you must admit it looks pretty sharp, even for an older car. And I'll have to concede that perhaps I wasn't meant to have it after all.  I mean, I think you have to be a BLONDE to drive it.

It's the law.

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