Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Burning Bushes

Here is Autumn in all its glory.

The "burning bushes", otherwise known as pyrocantha, are brilliant red with berries and the maple trees are turning to gold up in Oregon, which is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

My friend Desiree sent this beautiful photo last week and writes: "I wish I could send you the sweet smell of smoke from the wood stoves that heat so many homes here."

I wish you could, too!

I love this season.  Even here in California, summer is slowly losing its hold over us.  The other morning, as I drove to work, there was thick pea-soup fog in some areas.

You can't see the hills and homes just on the other side of the bridge!
 We're having chilly nights and some morning marine layer and fog these days, followed by sunny afternoons.
Normally, you can see the mountains from here.
I could barely see the intersection as I approached.
This weekend, however, is supposed to be hot and sunny!

It's crazy weather time for a while as the seasons change.  I wish we got more of the colors of autumn here in California.  But I don't mind not having the snowy winters!

Wherever you are, and whatever the weather - enjoy your day!

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