Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LDS Women's Conference

The new Relief Society General Presidency
Saturday night we were privileged to attend the LDS Women's Conference broadcast at the Whittier Stake Center. (See my blog post dated 9/26/12).  The chapel was filled as we came to hear messages from our new General Relief Society Presidency, and from a member of the First Presidency of the Church, President Henry B. Eyring.

Many of the stories told moved me to tears.
President Henry B. Eyring
First Counselor in the First Presidency
A group of ladies from our ward chose to carpool and sit together.  That made it more fun.  We always have a good time together.

Mary Beth, Nola and Evangeline
The conference addresses were excellent, as always.  The theme of each address seemed to be enduring through adversity.  There seems to be a lot of that (adversity) going around these days. Have you noticed? I'm sure you can relate wherever you may be.

Music was provided by a Young Adult women's choir from Utah.  The numbers they performed were really lovely.  (If you missed this wonderful broadcast, videos of the whole proceedings and print versions of the speeches given are easily available, just visit www.lds.org)
Afterwards, there was a dinner provided by the Stake Relief Society.  This time it featured a delicious 'build your own' salad bar with all kinds of wonderful salad ingredients. It was very yummy!  Each table had water pitchers, rolls and butter, and a delightful collection of homemade cupcakes for dessert, so all the sisters could serve themselves.

Of course, half the fun of attending is to visit with friends from all over Whittier!
This is Pam with a sweet unidentified baby girl
When I moved to Whittier years ago, I ran into Pam.  I hadn't seen her since we were in Budge Hall at BYU together many, many, many years ago.  Pam is a wonderful lady with a bright smile and a positive attitude.  She and her husband have 10 grandchildren now, with 2 more on the way.

That's amazing only for the fact that, like all women our age, we are only 29.

There were tons of women in line for the food!
I love the ladies of Relief Society.  They have been my rock through all the major catastrophes of my life, and during all the good times, too.
I'm glad we snuck in to the front of the line.
Yes, we were devious.  And Hungry.

Our ward ladies enjoying their salads
As always, there were women trolling around the cultural hall in search of the carrot cake cupcakes... they are always a favorite!  All of the home made cupcakes were delicious, though.  I have to admit, I had two!
Cupcakes.  Yum.

Evangeline tries to escape from a killer cupcake as her daughter Aida looks on.
Evangeline and I are in charge of our ward's music at the moment.  I admire Evangeline a lot.  She is very diligent in her calling, and so much fun to work with.
We had a good time.

There's something about getting together with all the women of the Stake that's just a lot of fun.  There is a good energy there.  I love these ladies.

I can't wait for General Conference this coming weekend!

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What a wonderful evening!