Thursday, January 22, 2009

Farvel, Kjaere Pappa!

Photo #1: Jay and I
Photo #2: Jay and I with our stepmother, Merlene.
Photo #3 & #4: Daddy being laid to rest.
My father, Glenn Stivers Evensen, passed away on December 16th after a long illness. We're going to miss him, but are mindful that he is in a better place where he has his full faculties again - and no more pain. He is survived by his devoted wife Merlene, his children - Jay (Kirsti) Evensen and I, his grandchildren: Daniel (Holly) Evensen, Linnea (Jeff) Farnsworth, Nils Evensen, Anders Evensen and Christian Evensen. Daddy was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Anne-Berit Strand Evensen.
'Til we meet again, Pappa.