Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On To Iguala

Santa Prisca Cathedral
The Catholic Church in Taxco, Mexico
On Monday Elder Nils wrote: "Today we went to a place called Taxco; it's a super old town.  It's really cool, a small tourism place.  It kind of has a small town feel with a bit of a flair."

Evidently Taxco became quite a large, thriving town because they found silver there a very long time ago.  You can still buy some "really cool" silver things there, according to Elder Nils.

Taxco de Alarcon, the Silver city
This city marks one of the oldest mining sites in the Americas.  The Cathedral dates from Colonial times and was built in the 1750s.  The city appears to be very charming with cobbled streets and white-washed homes with red-tiled roofs.  I'm glad the missionaries got to take a little touristy side trip to visit it.  It sounds like they had fun.

Elder Nils has been in his new area for a few weeks now.  He is now in Iguala, not too far from Acapulco, where he was previously serving.

Elder Gordon and Elder Nils with  Alberto
Elder Nils writes, "Alberto's baptism was great.  He's a really great guy, and has been going through some tough times recently... but he seems very sure that God will help him overcome his challenges."

Every year in October, one Sunday is set aside as the Primary Children's Sacrament meeting service - pretty much all over the world.  My Whittier ward's Children's Program will be on the 21st.  Elder Nils writes that he is playing the violin in a primary program in a few weeks. (Which sounds like that same Sunday!  Small world when you are LDS!)  "I've got an old Chinese-made $100 violin with an A-string that is about to snap.  Surprisingly it doesn't sound all that bad."

Anyway, his companion will be singing, and someone else is accompanying them on the piano. Nils is a fine violinist, and I've heard his companion has a wonderful voice. I wish I could be there to hear this!  Don't you?

His letter notes, as all his letters do, that the "missionary work is going well here.... we've got some really cool investigatores."  To all you gringos out there, I think he means Investigators - as in folks who are investigating the doctrines of our Church..  Sometimes he slips into Spanish.  It will be interesting to talk to him when he gets home in a few months to see how well he remembers to speak English!

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