Friday, October 12, 2012

Boxed Cat

There are thousands of stories about Jack in the asphalt.. er, carpeted apartment, um, jungle... this is one of them [cue music: dat dat DAAA!]

Few know to what lengths Jack goes to secure his home from the attacks of scary monsters!
Jack attacks his nemesis, Mr. Kitty

Mr. Kitty resists being placed in the box... but it is to no avail!
When I get boxes in the mail, I always tell Jack that the inside is for me, but the box is for him and he can play with it.  He really really loves this.

Last week, I got a fun show as Jack attacked his stuffed toys and they popped in and out of the box according to Jack's whims.  I got a real kick out of his play.  He is always so very focused when he does this.  I could tell he was having a great time, and the box was just the right size, of course, to be a very effective toy for my little boy!
Having vanquished Mr. Kitty, Jack takes five before attacking the dastardly Mr. Bunny
Mr. Bunny is thrown mercilessly into the box!

An unsuspecting bunny risks Jack's fury once again as Jack stealthily approaches!

Jack tries closing the box on the white bunny, but the bunny resists...

Jack finally chases Mr. Bunny out of the box again and ruthlessly claims it as his own!

His foes vanquished, Jack enjoys the sanctity of his box once again
Our home is once more safe from intruders and big hairy monsters!  Hooray!

The End.

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