Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Korean Sushi and Burgers

The Yanji Mall
As Yanji, China, is close to North Korea, there are a lot of Korean speaking people there, and a lot of Korean cuisine readily available.  I understand that.

It makes for some terrific Korean food:

A Christian Bible Verse graces the wall of a Korean restaurant

Korean sushi roll

It looks like a pasta dish?  What do I know?

A lovely Korean meal - haven't a clue what it all is
What I did not understand, however, was that you could also find Western-style treats there.

Popular Hamburger Chain
It's not McDonald's, but this northwestern China town has its own hamburger chain.
Chinese Fast Food
Gee, it almost looks like Mickey D's!
Milk Shake from Gina's Hamburger Place
I love the purple straw in the milk shake.  I forgot to ask Daniel if the shake tasted like the real deal.
American Style Hamburger and Fries at Gina's
Since I have found a few items of Chinese cuisine that I can't stomach (even if you paid me to eat it, I'm sad to say), I once asked my friend Mike, a mainland Chinese-born and raised co-worker, if there were any American foods he had trouble with when he first came to America.

I'd expected him to have to think about it... seriously!  I think our food is great, and NORMAL - but he immediately replied, "Hamburger".

"Hamburgers?" I questioned, thoroughly mystified.

He grinned, then went on to explain that he still didn't care for hamburgers of any kind, although his thoroughly Americanized teenage children loved them.  When I asked what it was about a hamburger that he found disgusting, he answered, "I don't know.  It just not good."  He wrinkled his nose for effect.

It appears that not all Chinese folks feel that way.  Or maybe they just make them for the tourists, what do I know?

But I was also rather comforted to know I wasn't being mean or impolite for not enjoying all that Chinese cuisine had to offer.  Just like Mike, there are a few things I simply can't stomach.  Nothing personal!
Daniel literally hanging out beneath Gina's Cafe
Even if all the food doesn't look like it does at home, I'm surprised by how much this grocery store resembles stores at home.
Grocery store in the mall basement
American sodas at the grocery store
The colorful  underground Yanji grocery

According to Daniel, you can find a wide variety of foods at the Yanji grocery store.  He got a real kick out of visiting there.  It sure looks busy.

I'm so happy to be able to learn more about this corner of the world.  Thanks again, Daniel!

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