Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seoul, Korea

I think I will forever identify Seoul, Korea with the TV show M*A*S*H.  However, I can see from Daniel's vacation pictures from his visit there with his family at the end of September, that it really looks a lot different from a Hollywood backlot in California!  Funny how that works.

Daniel and his family had a great vacation in Korea, from what I understand.  As the children are still pretty small and rather squirmy on long trips, they've been trying to find family vacation in spots that are closer to where they are living in China - so Korea fit the bill nicely.

Daniel holds Livia, while Holly attempts to held a squirming worm called Fred
Daniel has friends who are now living in Korea.  He also speaks Korean now.

He just didn't have anything better to do than learn another Asian language.                       

On the streets the kids are posing
 I love Livia's pose.  She looks so bored. It's hard being a high fashion model on vacation!

Daniel posing for a street artist
 The family took some time to have their portraits done.
Showing off their portraits. 
 I think Holly's portrait is the best of the bunch.  What do you think?

Korean hot dog?
Below:  The ultimate tourist, or the ugly American?  Or... maybe there's another category... like, I'm not really related to him...

Or something.
Just kidding.

Love you, Daniel!

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