Friday, January 8, 2016

A New Year, New Wheels

The Nissan Sentra SV
I don't buy new cars very often.  I am more concerned with safe transport than looking cool. So, when I do get a new one, it's a big deal. This past month, however, it was getting increasingly evident that my 2000 Nissan Sentra SE was on its last legs. So, I decided to take advantage of the Year End sales and bought myself a new car!

Happy New Year to ME!

The Sentra SV's hiney
My Dad was Buick man.  I'm more of a Nissan gal, I guess. The new vehicle is also a Sentra, but the new, improved, SV line.  I love it. It's got everything from a rear-view camera to Bluetooth technology.

I'm a happy camper.

The new car is a metallic grey, but looks blue in this light

I began waxing nostalgic over my past cars upon buying this one.  My very first car was a used beige '69 Volkswagen Beetle that I named Bert.  I bought Bert upon graduating from college, after I got my first real job.

Bert had an "automatic" stick shift, which regularly left me stranded in the middle of busy Phoenix intersections. That was the only thing that ever went wrong with it, but it happened on a regular basis. Luckily, he was small and lightweight enough to be easily pushed out of the way, when necessary.

A 1969 Volkswagen Beetle
Bert was totaled in an accident and then got sold to a California Dude who wanted a Dune Buggy. I think Bert had a whole, wonderful new life down at the beach after he left me.  That still makes me happy.

My next car was a Datsun 200SX.  A good friend of my Dad's had bought the car as salvage and totally rebuilt it.  It was a great car with a velvety blue interior.  It had the black louvers on the back window - the ones a friend of mine called "go-fasters".  It had a manual transmission, but I really liked the way it handled.

The Datsun 200SX, circa 1980
Several gazillion miles, a short stay in Nevada and a move to California later, the grey Datsun got traded in for a new Nissan Sentra.  [The Datsun company had become Nissan in the interim.] This was the base model of the cheapest car they made, but it was my first totally new car and I was thrilled.

The Nissan Sentra, 1987-ish
The silver, base model Sentra served me well clear up until the turn of the century.  It literally broke down on the way to the dealership to trade it in.  My friend Vicki and I pushed it into a McDonald's parking lot from where it ended up being towed into the dealership.  It went out in style.

That's when I bought my last car, a gold 2000 Nissan Sentra SE that I named Goldie.  It was the top of the Sentra line at the time and gave you a lot of bang for your buck, including cruise control. I really enjoyed that car. It had a good life in California, and also saw a lot of scenery in Arizona, Utah and Nevada.  I was sad parting with it on Monday.  

The 2000 Nissan Sentra SE
But not that sad!

I'm glad to be starting a new chapter of my life with new wheels!  Look out world!  I've got all the bells and whistles now and I'm not afraid to use them!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jack's Christmas

Jack with his new toy
Last Christmas, I bought Jack a battery-operated motion toy that lasted all of four days before the motor seized and the thing totally broke.  Luckily, I was able to get a full refund for it.  However, he had had so much fun playing with it, that I decided to get him another one - from a different manufacturer - this Christmas.

My boy was very surprised!

He liked it!

I got it, Mom!
Jack was a very happy camper.  We've been having fun with it ever since.

My sweet guy
I hope you had a terrific Christmas, too!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

May the Force Be With You

My coworker and good friend Barbara came to work one day just to get a few things done.  She was was only supposed to be there for a few hours, so she wasn't too worried about her attire.

She had kept her jacket on, until someone noticed a bit of logo showing below the bottom hem. Then she finally did a full disclosure Big Reveal (above)!  I had to laugh.

Yup.  If you are a huge Star Wars fan, as I and many of my friends are, you will understand. Christmas vacation, for me, included a sojourn to the theatre with a good friend to see The Force Awakens.

Selfies att the Theatre to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
It was great fun!

Then we headed off for some lunch.

Lauri in her 'hand model' mode showing off the pepper
We were at the Regal theatres in La Habra, so we just crossed the street to the local Applebee's. We had a REALLY good lunch.  I ordered a Thai Shrimp salad that was yummy.  Lauri also enjoyed her salmon (above).


Doing lunch and a movie, or a movie and lunch, or dinner for that matter - with friends, is one of my favorite things! This was a great way to spend a day of Christmas holiday.

Hope your 2016 has gotten off to a terrific start.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Final Christmas Party

For years now I and my friends have held a big Christmas bash, usually on a Saturday well into January to accommodate everyone's busy schedules.  Having a Christmas celebration in January is actually a good idea.  There are no work, school, church or family celebrations competing for the time, and no one has to rush off to go shopping.  We spend an entire day in each others' company and it's a lot of fun.

This year was the earliest our celebration has been in many years.  It was held on Saturday, January 2nd.

Our host did a terrific job of decorating.  Above you see one of the two decorated tables.  The food was fantastic, and the company was stellar.

The only thing wrong with it?  It's now over!

Today it's back to work and back to the regular routine.  I fear I'm suffering majorly from the after holiday blues.

Despite that, let me wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year!  May 2016 be the best year ever for all of us.