Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lots of Fun at Halloween

My neighbors carved a pretty cool pumpkin!
It looks like this entire week... and maybe a few days more... will be devoted to Halloween fun, perhaps for no other reason than I really had fun this Halloween.

To be honest, I think it helps you get into the mood when you are silly, dress up and carve pumpkins.  It's just more fun.  Some years we've had lots of employees at my firm dress up.  This year Bruce and I were the only ones who did.

We were the cool kids.

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

The company threw a really nice Halloween lunch for us, with pizza and chicken.  It was nice just to sit around and visit with people.  A very fun work day.

At home, I ran into my neighbors going off to a party.
Our neighborhood caveman and the Vampire Lestat

They had really gone all out.

I love that

Actually, Lestat was a trifle scary!
... and thinking about it, so was the caveman!  Ha!

Here are some photos of Lestat in a well-lit room.

He's scarier in the dark.

But still scary.

Kinda cute, too.

Hope your Halloween was filled with laughter.

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