Friday, October 19, 2012

Rockefeller Center!

Angel keeping watch over the fairy garden
Cats are funny.  When there are several cats in a house, they seem to each have their assigned places.  When Angel isn't being a guard cat by my friend Desiree's window, she sleeps on one side the big bed.

All the kitties love the quilt but have their favorite, special places.
Silhouette hanging out on the edge
Silhouette prefers the end of the bed.  She can make a quick escape that way, and still have fun tickling human toes.

But Rockefeller, aka Rocky...
Rocky enjoying life
...well, HE takes up his space in the center!

Which is very fitting for the man of the house.  At least, according to Rocky.

Looks like a pretty cushy gig!

This concludes your tour of Rockefeller Center!

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