Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Ward Halloween Party

To err is human... to ARRRRR is pirate
Our Ward threw a terrific Halloween party on Friday night!  It was very well attended and there were many fun games for the kids to participate in.  

The Hulk was a little shy
There were hot dogs, fruit cups and nachos served - you could make that a chili cheese dog if you really wanted to - and all kinds of cupcakes too.                        

Even the teens got into the spirit of the holiday

Batman tries his luck playing golf
The Pumpkin Put Put was a fun thing for the kids.  There were so many different games for the kids to try, and a treasure chest where they could claim prizes.  They all seemed to be having lots of fun.

We even had our very own Genie show up!  (Or is that Jeannie, as in "I dream of..."?)
 There were some really imaginative costumes on both the children and the adults.
I'm not sure if this little boy thought the Spiderman costume was cool -
or if he thought it was weird that a girl was wearing it!

Brother Ibey supervised the fishing...

...while his beautiful wife ran the Duck Pond next door

The kids seemed to really enjoy the games

At 7:30 the kids got to "trunk or treat" around the parking lot.

It was good just to sit and talk to friends. This was a really fun evening, full of laughter and lots of little kids.  I'm glad that this event every year gives the kids in the neighborhood a safe place to have fun for the Halloween holiday.

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