Monday, December 3, 2012

A Debbie Macomber Christmas

In case you haven't heard, the television series based on Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove books has received the green light. The pilot will air Saturday evening, January 19, 2012, on the Hallmark Channel.  The first of seven weekly episodes will start in sometime in early spring. 

This is exciting news for Debbie Macomber fans!


In her latest news update to her fans, Debbie writes:
I've lost count of the number of holiday books I've penned during my writer career but enough to be called "The Official Storyteller of Christmas." I not only enjoy writing Christmas stories, I love reading them! For the last few years I've bought as many Christmas novels as I can find, and in the weeks after Thanksgiving take time for myself by the fireplace daily to devour all those books.

A Shirley, Goodness and Mercy story, this book went on sale October 23rd.

Sounds good to me!  I tend to read like crazy, particularly during difficult and stressful times of my life.

So, that's like, all the time.

Yup.  What can I say?

This holiday book will be released on November 27th.  It includes a reissue of two earlier novels:
There's Something About Christmas, and Here Comes Trouble
So, this year, I'd like to recommend a nice Debbie Macomber Christmas book or two.  Or three.  Or four.  They are the snuggle up with some cocoa books, and a few of them have been made into movies already.
Actress Doris Roberts and author Debbie Macomber on the set of Mrs. Miracle
Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle became a TV movie that aired on December 5, 2009 on the Hallmark Channel.  It was followed by Call Me Mrs. Miracle the following year (November, 2010).  This was one of the top watched movies of the entire year!  The November 2011 Hallmark channel movie, Trading Christmas, was the number one program on ad-supported cable on the evening of its premier.

Not bad for a sweet little housewife and mother from the Pacific Northwest.  (I love you, Debbie!  You are one of my heroes.)

I notice that the Hallmark channel is doing their yearly "Countdown to Christmas" again.  The films Mrs. Miracle, Call Me Mrs. Miracle, and Trading Christmas are all on their line-up this year, so there will be plenty of viewing opportunities throughout the holiday season.

In case you think I'm a little early with a Christmas-oriented post... you can just check the count-down clock at the bottom of this blog to see how close we're getting to the actual event.  Believe me, we just hit December, so it's A LOT closer than you think!

Hope this year's holiday season is the best ever for all of you!

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