Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Peggy!

Being born in December has its drawbacks, even if it is in early December.  In America at least, the world goes into crazy Christmas mode as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes have been cleared away (and sometimes even before that!), so having a birthday at this time... well, you just have to fit it in somehow.

This past weekend Peg's friend Brian hosted a lovely party for a large group of Peggy's friends at his lovely home in Monrovia.

Friends gathered round Peggy for a tasty pot luck meal
People came from as far as San Diego to celebrate.

Peggy at the buffet - there were lots of terrific home made treats
Everyone brought food, and it was all yummy.

Cody, the dog, was also a gracious host
I love little doggies, especially sweet little ones who run around happily when people come by.  Cody was such a happy camper.  It was as if he was dashing about saying, "We're having a party!  We're having a party!  People!  I love people!  I love love love people!"

He was a charming little guy and very sweet and friendly.  He showed us all his toys and didn't mind being petted and fussed over.

He made fast friends of Peggy's cousin Linda

Brian's garden was fabulous
This house was made for entertaining, and the back garden was lovely.  However, in true Southern California style, it drizzled a light rain all evening, making it soggy enough to keep everyone indoors.

The convenient breakfast bar made a great place for munching and passing dishes through from the kitchen

There was lots of pleasant conversation
It was a pleasant evening, and the rain only served to lend a more Christmas-y feel to the event (sorry, Peggy, it's hard to ignore this time of year).  It was nice to drive home over wet streets and freeways, listening to Christmas music.

Thanks, Brian and Cody for hosting this fun event.

Happy Birthday, Peggy!  I'm glad you're in my life.

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Peggy said...

Aww! Thanks, Marianne! I need you to journal all my events for me!