Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lovely Silhouette is with the Angels

Silhouette on her side of the bed
 I got a post from my friend Desiree over the weekend, advising me that her sweet kitty, Silhouette, passed away on Saturday, December 1st.

Silhouette near the Bonica roses she loved so much
I thought it was fitting to do a little tribute to this wonderful little girl since she has appeared several times on these pages.  These lovely animals become members of the family, and losing one of them is very much like losing a child.

My friend writes, "She is laid to rest beneath the beautiful pink Bonica roses that she loved so much.  The photo of her with her rose garden is how I remember her most."

Rest in peace little lady.  You will be missed.

And on a happier note, Happy Saint Nicholas Day to all the friends of this blog, all over the world!

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