Friday, November 30, 2012


I believe naming this little fellow Goliath may have been wishful thinking.

Goliath is an Oregon Ducks fan. 
Oregon Ducks Football players
This may be the tiniest Oregon Ducks fan I've ever seen. Even standing on his tippy-toes.

And the cutie-wootiest O Ducks fan.

With the exception of Donald, here, perhaps.

Actually, since I have only been in Oregon a few times in my life, this may be the only Oregon Ducks fan I've ever seen.

I don't know for sure.

But I bet I'm pretty close.

Goliath belongs to a pretty lady named Tina.  She brought him to work one day dressed as an Oregon Ducks fan.  (Now, don't get excited.  This happened in Oregon, so no one was in danger or anything....)

Goliath had his 'O Ducks' stadium blanket with him.

An Oregon Ducks Stadium blanket

He also had on his 'O Ducks' collar.

Here he is showing off his collar.

What a little sweetie.

Thanks to Desiree, our Oregon correspondent, for sharing these photos of the little guy and, um, Go, Ducks!

You Go, too, Goliath!  Please visit us again soon.

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