Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to Say Good-Bye

Let's hope it's dead... the scorpion, I mean!
In spite of Elder Nils' clowning around, I know that he has been a good missionary, and has developed a great love for the people of Altamirano.
Baptizing with Authority from God
Teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is really what it's all about.  Spreading the good news - that there is a prophet of God on the earth once more!  That God is real, that His only begotten in the flesh, Jesus, is the Christ, the Saviour of the world.

I know my life is blessed because the priesthood of God, the authority to act in God's name here on earth, has been restored and is at work all over the world.  God loves all his children, and wants to bless them!  That's what missionary work is all about.
Another Baptism Day!
We recently had word that our Elder Nils has been transferred to the City of Cuautla, which is closer to Cuernavaca and Mexico City.  It was a dusty, 7-hour bus ride to get there from Altamirano.

Elder Nils has also been given a new calling: Zone Leader.  He will now be in charge of other missionaries and helping to direct their work.  It's an honor to be given this calling, especially after less than a year in the field.
The wonderful people of Altamirano, Mexico
There were many tears shed as Elder Nils left the little area he had so grown to love, but he has left behind a legacy of faith.

I'm grateful for Elder Nils and his letters. They lift and inspire ME.

How exciting to be directly involved in impacting people's lives for good!  In helping to change, lift and encourage our Heavenly Father's children, we bless their lives and our own.

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