Friday, November 11, 2011

My Sweet Girl Remembered

Emily Anne 1990-2009
 I couldn't let this week go by without remembering my sweet Emily with a post.  She passed away two years ago from kidney disease at age 19.

To all who knew her, Emily was a remarkable kitty. 

She had a strong personality and a gift to be able to communicate.  She had a vocabulary of maybe a half-dozen words and used them wisely in maintaining a firm control over me, her human.  She mothered me in some very endearing ways, shepherding me to bed at night and getting me up in the morning.

"Uh! (up)" she would command, jumping on the bed.  "Uh! Uh! Uh!"  Once when I slept in on a Saturday, impatient to be fed, she climbed onto the bed stating, "Ah uh!  Aroo uh?" (I'm up, are you up?) 

Of course, people would often think I was more than slightly crazy to imagine my cat could speak English.  However, in my defense, people who 'cat sat' her would marvel at the things she understood and the things she would say to them.
Her whiskers turned white as she got older
As the years went by, her little body started failing, but her spirit was still strong.  She loved me fiercely, and would move in to protect me if she thought I was being harmed in any way. 

Even though my little Jack is a kind and loving companion, I still miss my Emily terribly.
My little sweetheart
How sad the world would be without our animal companions!  They give us such love and ask for very little in return.  I think a very wise and loving Heavenly Father put them here for our benefit and blessing.

I'm so thankful He sent me little Emily.  We had 19 wonderful years together.  That's a lot more than some people get!

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Marybeth said...

She had the softest fur of any kitty!