Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back to the Wild West

The drama unfolds onstage at Knott's Berry Farm
While my family was here, we had so much fun!  As our menfolk were off riding all the crazy rides at Knott's, Kirsti and I caught the shows.  We enjoyed watching the stuntmen punch, fall, stumble and roll through a very silly western.  I've got to admit I have a lot of respect for guys who will take a physical beating like that for a living!
It was fun to spend some time with my wonderful sister-in-law
The weather was perfect!  And you can see we had excellent seats.

The show reminded me of a good old-fashioned Mormon roadshow: the bad guys were vanquished, law and order prevailed, and the world was once again safe for democracy.

My kind of entertainment!
Getting into the theatre presented some challenges in the form of Black Bart and his dubiously pointed firearm

It could only have been made more perfect if the hero got the girl and saved the ranch.  But that will probably be the sequel.