Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nils at 21

Happy Birthday, Nils!  Our missionary is 21 today.  I was so glad to see that he got a cake and candles.  I'm happy that is a tradition he is still able to enjoy in the country he is laboring in.

The people of Mexico have been kind and loving to this special kid.  That makes me happy, too.  I know he has developed a love for them as well, through his service.  So, perhaps it isn't too strange that when the members of the little branch of the LDS Church there in Altamirano discovered it was his birthday on the 10th, they gave him a surprise birthday party.

Nils reports the cake was excellent!  He added that it was one of the most memorable birthday parties he'd ever had.

However, he concluded his account of his birthday party with, "Then again, unlike last year, I didn't get to kiss any girls..."

Yup, I think he may have deserved this!

Happy Birthday to my favorite missionary!

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