Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On the Pier

A foggy day at the beach in Santa Monica
Sometimes, living in Southern California, you can forget what season it is.  So it was when my family was visiting.  It was easy to forget it was late October. 

It was a bright, sunny, and pleasantly warm day inland, but as we got closer to the beach, the more fog there was!  I thought it was chilly, too.  That didn't seem to stop people who had come to sight-see and enjoy the Pacific ocean.

Jay on the quai (which really doesn't rhyme, but looks like it should!)
Coming from a land-locked state, the kids really wanted to go to the ocean.  I was surprised when Christian jumped into it with all  his clothes on.  I was dressed for winter, and he didn't seem to mind the cold water!
Kirsti shopping
There were plenty of vendors and things to see on the Santa Monica pier.  I think I saw people from every corner of the world pass us by.
A rather wet Christian and his mom
 9 year-old Christian will soon tower over his petite mom.
Towards land
There were lots of other families out enjoying the day, even though you could barely see the ocean, much less romp in it without freezing!
Even socked in with fog, there were plenty of people
My family on the pier
For me, despite the chill wind, any place is heaven where my family is.

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