Friday, November 18, 2011

A Farm in Benxi

Daniel and Holly were recently invited out to visit a farm in Benxi, which is in the countryside not far from Shenyang, China where they live.  The farmer had black pigs.  I've never heard of black pigs before, so I thought maybe you haven't, either.  Fortunately, Daniel has provided photographic evidence of their existence.

Fred meets one of the famed black pigs of Benxi
 They're kinda cute!
The mighty Chinese black pig
I've since discovered that there are black pigs everywhere, it's just that this city girl wasn't 'in the know'.

Yummy luncheon spread at the farm
In Chinese culture, the pig is associated with fertility and virility.  To bear a child in the Year of the Pig is considered very fortunate.  A child born in this year will be happy and honest.  The next Year of the Pig begins on February 5, 2019 and runs until January 24, 2020.  I'm just telling you now so you can plan accordingly.
Everything looks pretty yummy, but not all of the dishes sound quite so yummy.  For example, even Holly refused to try eating caterpillars.  Daniel tried them and said they weren't bad.

I'm with Holly on this one!

Daniel said the black dish on the end is caterpillar cocoons. Yum.

I could not see the ducks in this picture without thinking of the book about "Ping the Little Duck on the Yangtze River".  I'm sure Benxi is nowhere near the Yangtze, but I still thought of them.  My knowledge of China is sadly lacking.  That's why I'm glad Daniel is helping to educate me.

Fred loved the ducks
 According to his dad, Fred was quite taken with the ducks and ran after them all day.  The ducks must have been thrilled.  I mean, how often do they get chased by a 2 year-old Chinese-American kid with Norwegian and Swedish ancestry?

It's as the French say, "unique au monde!"

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