Thursday, July 5, 2012

Via Con Dios!

President and Sister Spannaus
AKA Presidente y Hermana Spannaus
My nephew sent me the above photo of his Mission President, President Spannaus, and the President's lovely wife.  They were just released following Brother Spannaus' call to the Seventy in April, 2012 General Conference.

Yes, his name was read by President Uchtdorf from the podium and you raised your hand to the square to sustain him in his new calling, remember?


Well, actually, I missed it, too.  There were so many of them, and even though I chide myself now for not recognizing the name, I missed it.  It took a post from our intrepid missionary in the field to let us know that it was his mission president who was called, among others.

From all the things I've heard about them, they are wonderful people, happily serving the Lord.  Elder Nils has sure enjoyed working with them, while they were in charge of the Mexico, Cuernavaca mission.

As a Seventy, a General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he'll be traveling a great deal.  What an exciting calling!

Their last words to their missionaries:
Una última nota sólo para recordarles cuánto los amamos y que esperamos que todos seamos fieles hasta el fin!!!
(Translation:  Just a final note to tell you all how much we love you and hope that you will be faithful to the end!)

Elder O'Dell and Elder Nils posing with another choice family

In the meantime, Elder Nils is still baptizing good people, as shown in the above photo from last month.  He now reports he has a new companion, a native Mexican (his first!), named Elder Parra.  I can't wait to hear more about him and their new Mission President!

The work is still going strong in Mexico.

However, the way time is flying by, we'll blink twice and Elder Nils will be home with us again.  He's in the homeward stretch - 6 or so months left to go before he returns in all his earthly glory.

You go, Elder Nils!

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