Monday, July 9, 2012

Fushun Ocean Park Aquarium

Our little Fred at the Aquarium at Fushun, China

I didn't know that China had their own version of Sea World.  This one is not far from Shenyang, China, where my nephew Daniel and his family live.
Curiosity on both sides of the glass!

Fred enjoyed the penguins

Livia thought it was pretty cool, too.

This gi-normous penguin graciously let Holly pose with him.
Okay, I know, it isn't real...

This exhibit of seals doesn't look real

Daddy had to do a lot of driving to get to the park
According to Daniel, the traffic can be pretty crazy.
This is north eastern China's version of Sea World

Holly and Livia
Daniel said the Chinese part of the sign behind Holly and Livia translates to "Protect the Planet", despite the English sign which proclaims, "Protect the Seal".
Holly with the world's largest rat
An ROUS! (Rat of Unusual Size.  Name that quote!)  Why the world's largest rat is on display in an aquarium is interesting to me.  Perhaps they are large, Norwegian rats?

Fish feeding time at the park

It was a feeding frenzy!

Fred munching popcorn
There was popcorn for sale for the kids.  The snack bar lady who sold the popcorn was so intrigued by little Hapa baby Livia that she came around the counter to meet her.
The snack bar lady meets Livia
These mixed race children cause quite a stir, and attract crowds, wherever they go in China.  I'm glad people are not only curious, but kind and genuinely excited to see them.  Evidently the snack bar lady closed down the shop for a while just to be able to meet little Livia.
The kids riding a giant croc!  Yikes!
Fredrik Dundee, Crocodile Hunter
Do you think this croc goes, "Tick, Tock", just like in Peter Pan?
Daddy, feeding the walruses
 That's a sentence I never thought I'd ever write:  Daddy feeding the walruses?  Seriously?


The amphitheater.
Here the Dolphin trainers are considered superstars, and their movie star-style posters grace the amphitheater.  They are celebrities here.  I love the poses in the photos.

Dolphin Trainers - Super Stars!  Who knew?
A good time was had by all
It looks like our little family had a fun day at the Ocean Park.  

And on a side note, I can't believe how big these little kids are getting.  Livia is just a little over a year now, and Fred will be 3 next month.  They're both big kids!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into parts of China that I didn't know existed.  I'm learning so much vicariously through Daniel and his family.  

Thanks for sharing your window on the world, Daniel!

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