Monday, July 30, 2012

The 30th Olympiad

 I love the Olympics.

I'm not a huge sports fan, and certainly not an athlete, but I have a special place in my heart for the Olympic games.  I watch them avidly.  And... even though I'm more partial to the winter games, which I blame on my Norwegian heritage... I am just enjoying the heck out of watching NBC's excellent coverage of the current games.  

Yes, I will admit it.  I've been pretty much glued to the TV since the Queen announced the games were open on Friday night.

Me in my Olympic shirt
I got my Olympic shirt off the NBC website last month, so I could be dressed appropriately while I watched.  (They have great service, by the way.)

Okay, I've admitted before what a total geek I am.  Now you have photographic evidence!

[Speaking of Her Majesty, long ago I played the Queen as the emcee of a Ward talent show.  I did a pretty good job, too, if I do say so myself.  I'm not sure the Queen would have approved.  But, you never know.  
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
Pretty in Pink
I had a few people trying all night to make me break character.  I nearly had to have them executed, or at least sent to the tower in chains... it was a real challenge not to.  I don't know how the Queen herself manages to control herself sometimes... It would be such a temptation.  'You don't like my hat?  Off with your head!'...]

Luckily, as we all discovered on Friday night, she's got a pretty good sense of humor!

Daniel Craig as James Bond
The best bit of the opening ceremonies, I think (and many critics appear to agree with me), was the Queen becoming a Bond girl.  She's an incredibly good sport to have done that bit at all, even with a stunt double!

Of course, that's all everyone was talking about afterwards!  Did you see it?

I have to admit I greatly admire the Queen of England.  She's one of those women who never lets you down.  I wouldn't trade places with her for all her wealth and power.  Yet, she's taken a role in life she didn't ask for, and performed it with a keen sense of duty, and a great deal of intelligence and dedication.

I watched a show where some style "experts" talked about doing a make-over of the Queen.  I beg to differ.  For her age and position, I think she's perfectly dressed.  I shudder to think of her dressed in faddish, or youthful fashions. [Off with their heads for suggesting it!]  She looks great, and, even though I'm a patriotic American, I'll gladly sing, "God Save the Queen" with gusto and totally mean it.
It was a lot of fun to see famous faces at the games, like David Beckham, Mohammed Ali, Mrs. Obama, and of course, my favorite guy, Mitt Romney.

I love it when our American athletes enter the stadium.  I get all misty eyed over them.  Even with their Chinese uniforms and French berets (who comes up with this stuff, anyway?) I felt such pride in my country!

It was so great to see the British team, too.  They have every right to be proud of their country as well.  They're doing a great job of hosting these games.  I love Britain, too.  I count myself lucky to have had many wonderful visits there.

I have ancestors who came from Devon in England, to America, in the 1620s.  So, I can get excited about them if I want.  It's okay.  I have a gene for it.  It's here somewhere.

There is something magical about the Games.  I feel it when I see the athletes from so many nations, gathered together in peace and goodwill for a few brief summer weeks.  I feel it when a competitor, from a small, obscure country, wins a gold medal.  I can only imagine the sheer joy felt in his home country when that happens.  I feel it when I see the look of joy in a spectator's face and realize I'm seeing a competitor's mom, dad, brother or sister.  I feel it when I see the crowds of cheering spectators lining the roads, watching the bicycle racers.

The Olympics celebrate all that is good about the world we live in - and all about everything that is good in us as human beings.  It's about determination, hard work and excellence.

I get choked up when all the athletes enter the stadium with their various flags.  I think to myself, "Heavenly Father's children are so beautiful!"

Wouldn't it be lovely to keep that warm fuzzy feeling with us all the time, and not just for the Olympics?

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