Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Costa Azul District

The Missionaries of the Costa Azul District of the Cuernavaca, Mexico Mission

The week of March 9th, 2012, an announcement was made of the calling of 110 new mission presidents in the Church throughout the world.  (110!  Wow.)  They began their service this month (July, 2012).

These included 9 new presidents in the Mexico area, including my nephew Nils’ mission, the Mexico Cuernavaca Mission.

Here in the Cuernavaca Mission, President Alin Spannaus, whom Nils had really grown to love, was replaced by Bruce C. Kusch.  President Kusch has already made some changes.  

Above you can see the missionaries of the “resized” Costa Azul district.  President Kusch and his lovely wife are seated in the center, with Elder Parra and Elder Nils on either side of them.  They look like a handsome bunch of kids, don't they?

[And Elder Nils' recent post is right.  He is ridiculously tanned.  Not bad for an American kid of Scandinavian descent!]

President Kusch and his wife look like a very nice couple.  It's exciting to see the missionary work keep moving forward.

Thanks for sending pictures, Elder Nils!  Keep 'em coming!

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