Monday, July 16, 2012

Miss Livia Goes Shopping

Livia is a typical girl.  She likes PINK.
Livia, age one, is well on her way to a lucrative modeling career.  She is an expert shopper and is already familiar and comfortable with the camera.

That's half the battle, right?

Shenyang is a big city.  There is a lot of shopping in the big city!
Miss Livia enjoys shopping.  The only thing stopping her, appears to be that walking is still fairly new to her.

When shopping, this budding fashionista is only hampered by her tiny legs
 It's a shame the displays are so high up!  But that doesn't seem to deter our little shopper.

It doesn't stop her from checking out the merchandise... 
Hmmm.  The price is right, but the fabric isn't quite what I'd hoped.  ...Oh, and it might be a little too big.  Just a little.

Do I look fat in this?  Tell me the truth?  
 No woman is entirely happy in front of a mirror.  Even a tiny one.

Modeling for Daddy
 But part of the joy of shopping is modeling our purchases for our family and friends!

On the catwalk...
 Don't I look great?  Shopping really is fun!

A new summer dress for Livia
Livia decides to go for a demure, high fashion model look here.  This blue flowered sleeveless number is a cool look for summer.

Posing with mommy with my new dress
 But when you know you look good, you can't help enjoying it!

Stopping to smell the roses at the mall
 It's always important to look for accessories while shopping.  How about some fresh flowers?

Posing for the camera - fluff up those skirts!
An 'on location shoot' at the Fushun Ocean Park.  Here Miss Livia sports a flowered pink ensemble topped with a pale pink shrug boasting a ribbon closure and tiny ruched sleeves.

Livia is famous.  She gets attention wherever she goes.
The above picture was taken at a Shenyang Mall toy store.  The employees all gather around Livia when she comes.  They like to play with her.

Being a fashion icon is hard work, but our super model Livia keeps her cheerful attitude when the cameras are rolling

Yes, Livia is an expert shopper.  We'll soon see her on the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle Magazines.  Especially when her mommy can't find the booster seat...

Our sleepy little shopper
Even the most experienced shopper gets tired.  It's been a long day at the mall!

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