Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Warm July Day

I saw a tee-shirt in a catalog recently with the above quote on it.  I may have to order one.  It just hit a chord with me.  Maybe it's just that an awful lot of my friends have birthdays this month.  It has put me in a reflective mood.

I mean, my friends sure are getting older.  I don't know when I started hanging out with such a pack of older women.  It sort of crept up on us, too.

The other day, lounging about in a friend's Jacuzzi, the conversation drifted.  We found ourselves comparing our various medications, when it suddenly hit us  - good grief, we're reduced to this -  we're discussing our medications!

And then came the next thought - how dang old we all are these days..

Not my friend's Jacuzzi, but close enough

As always, that thought came as a surprise - because inside we're really only 29... still.


Although that mileage varies.  My mother used to protest that she was only 18 on the inside.  I think she may have had something there.

As I drove in to work this morning, there was a song on the radio that went something like:

You and I
We will dance 'til we die
We'll be young forever!

I chuckled to myself and thought: I remember that feeling.  Vaguely.

But, I have to add, as long as you are able to hang out in a Jacuzzi and have friends to share the moment with, life is still pretty good.

Hold that thought.

And Happy Birthday to the whole dang bunch of you July babies!

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