Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fairy Garden part deux

Meanwhile, back at my friend Desiree's place in Oregon...

Angel in the Arbor
My friend Desiree has a wonderful garden and some adorable kitties.  They are currently enjoying their summer garden in the Pacific Northwest.  This grey cat (above) is Angel.  Angel is posing for the camera by the wrought iron arbor.  Angel is also carefully blending in with her surroundings.  She is a stealth cat.

I love garden walks with seats in them.  Doesn't that look inviting?

I think Angel is scoping out a spot for a nap.  Shhhh.... pretend you don't notice.  Kitties prefer to believe they are so sneaky that we don't notice when they move.

They really do.

Just ask Jack.  He is a veritable ninja kitty.  We get along because I keep letting him have that illusion.

Pink Roses
Okay, the above photo is for everyone who has ever wanted a little cottage with a white picket fence.  Like me. Isn't it great?  I love the pink roses.  Pink roses are my favorites.  The world should have more of them.

Pink roses make me happy.

I really like that photo.

Purple Bellflowers
Aren't these bellflowers lovely?  They are just cheerful.

Silhouette hanging out amid the roses
Ohhh, I like these roses, too.  'They are a paler pink than the ones by the picket fence.  Looks like Silhouette likes them, too.  My friend says the blooms are too heavy for them right now, but as the bushes grow and get more sturdy, they won't droop like that.

Isn't it nice to know that even something as beautiful and delightful as a rose, has to grow and develop and drag on the ground a bit before it matures and fulfills the measure of its creation?

That gives me hope!

And I can't wait to see them next year!  They'll be amazing.

Lady's Slippers
Shoe lovers should like the Lady Slipper.  They really look like slippers, too, don't they?

I'm so glad God didn't just provide for our needs, but created things to 'delight the eye and gladden the heart'.

I hope these photos have brightened your day.

Thanks, Desiree!  We love seeing your garden grow.  And have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear friend.

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