Thursday, July 12, 2012

Acapulco Elders

Elder Nils and Elder Parra
"He's big," was one of the first things Elder Nils wrote about his new companion in the Cuernavaca, Mexico mission.  "And he plays basketball."

This is Elder Nils' first ever native Mexican companion, Elder Parra.  He was so thrilled, not just to have a native companion, but one who is, according to him, "the most hard-working Elder in the mission".

That's saying a lot.

Because all of Nils' companions have been good guys and hard workers.

Playing in the sand on P-Day
According to our man in the field, the work is moving right along in Acapulco.  They had a great week, and Nils mentions that they have many baptisms lined up for this coming week.  For one thing, he's thrilled with all the families they are teaching and with their humility and willingness to read the Book of Mormon and attend church.

It made me think about my own life, and how willing I am to do things to further the work of the Lord in the world.  How humble am I?  How much do I really trust in God?  How willing am I to read the scriptures daily and attend church regularly?

I'm always so happy to hear from Elder Nils each Monday.  He has an unfailing cheerfulness and a great commitment to the work of the Lord among the people of Mexico.

If the above pictures from Preparation Day are any indication, I think the same can be said for Elder Parra.

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