Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where's that Nerdy Elder?

The LDS Missionaries of Acapulco, Mexico
Elder Nils just sent this photo of the missionaries of Acapulco, Mexico with the comment "Where's Waldo?  (Or that nerdy... kid.)".  Now, if he had been sitting next to his mission president (who is on the first row, in the first seat on the right), Elder Nils might be easy to spot.  I have to admit I blew the photo up larger... because I have the technology... and I found him right away.

Let's hear it for our Saturday's Warriors.  What a bunch of great looking young men and women.  Take this group, then multiply that by all the missions throughout the world.  What a force for goodness!

This picture makes me smile.  They all look pretty sharp to me!  And happy.  Nice to know that they are such a happy bunch.

All I can say is, they should be!  Not only are they are busy doing the Lord's work, they're having great success with the good people they have been sent to love and teach.

As Elder Nils' dad recently quipped, "So, you're planning to baptize two families this month, eh?  That sounds great.  As we used to say in Sweden, every time someone slams a door in our faces, a missionary in Mexico baptizes someone."

So, did you find him?  He's in the second row up from the back, about 5th from the right

Our Not-So-Nerdy Elder Nils

God Bless the Missionaries wherever they may be in the world!

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I love these missionary posts!!