Monday, April 2, 2012

Copperton Utah

The camera-totin' kid

Christian and his dad recently went on a photo hike around scenic Copperton, Utah.  Copperton is a little mining town not far from where they live.

I think our entire family is camera crazy.  But that, I suppose, is another story!
Copperton has spectacular scenery
Look at those spectacular mountains in the background!  The Wasatch Front is quite photogenic, even with a little fogginess going on.

I believe Copperton was created after the City of Bingham was swallowed up by the open pit copper mine.  Literally.  Of course, they got all the people out first.  And moved some of the buildings, including the local High School.  Otherwise that would have been a very bad thing!
This looks very Cold!  
It's a quaint little place.  Just perfect for two strolling photographers.
The cameraman at work

Dinkeyville?  Seriously?
Would you want to live in Dinkeyville?  Was it named after someone with a last name of Dinkey?  Or was it named dinkey because it was small?  So many questions!

It's kinda cute, though.  Dinkeyville.  It sounds like tiny people should live there.

Okay, I apologize to anyone actually from there.  I'm sure you've heard it all before!

I'd call him the "Utah Kid", but that Swedish soccer shirt sorta ruins the effect!

This little stroll through Copperton has been brought to you by Christian and his dad!

- Photos courtesy J.D. Evensen

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Anonymous said...

All the streets have been changed (2011) to carry the names of the little communities that made up Bingham Canyon. Dinkyville was just one of the communities that existed up the canyon before the Copperton Township was created.