Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jack's Cousin, Shadow

Shadow is Jack's Utah cousin by adoption. She was adopted as a tiny kitten on the spur of the moment, from a shopping center parking lot on a cold and rainy day nearly 19 years ago.  How she came to be there is anyone's guess, but she's been a valued member of my extended family ever since.

Shadow is getting older, so my niece Linnea decided to do an homage to this little kitty.  I thought you might enjoy Linnea's work.  I thought it was pretty cute.  Shadow can be ferocious, but mostly in her own mind. 

I'm posting this with Linnea's permission.

I love these little kitties.

On a side note: Maggie and Shadow have shared their human family for many years, and still don't really like each other.  I think that is humorous.

Maggie and Shadow take turns being my rent-a-cat whenever I visit their house.  Individually, they are great.  Together?  There isn't much "together" according to Shadow, as you can tell from the photos above..

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Maggie and Shadow.  They are a terrific part of my extended family.  I didn't know they were also such good high fashion models.

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