Monday, April 9, 2012


My nephew Daniel had a recent business trip to Shanghai, China.  He took a lot of fun pictures so we could enjoy the trip, too!  Everything looks so colorful and romantic at night, doesn't it?

Daniel says if you look closely you'll see a Krispy Kreme donut shop and a 7-11 Store (above).  I looked, but can't really see them.  Still, isn't it fun to know how various common brands unite people all over the world?

The Peace Hotel

Daniel stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, not the hotel above.  Sometimes it's a guess because he posts these things for us, but doesn't always explain much about the photos he takes.  So if I screw something up, please forgive my ignorance!

Still, because I asked, he took photos of the hotel room for us!  I always think that's fun.  (Pioneer Woman does this on her blog and I always think it's so interesting!)  Anyway, the room looks very nice and comfortable.

 And ultra modern.  You can see Daniel in the mirror!

Isn't it fun to see photos of places like that?  It makes you feel like you've been there.  Well... almost.
Starbucks of Shanghai
 The local Starbucks is VERY fancy!  Business must be good.

Daniel writes that his sister has to come visit China now, as Forever 21 is coming to Shanghai!

Daniel said this (above) was the entrance to his hotel, which was housed in a giant high-rise.  He added that the escalators on the lower right actually access a grocery store.

I love this street scene (above).  The colorful umbrellas and neon make a beautiful sight.

Chen Yi, Hero of the Cultural Revolution

APPLE headquarters in Shanghai
 Apple has a pretty fancy, and massive, building in Shanghai. (above)
Historic Shanghai

I love these pictures in the rain.  It just makes all the colors so brilliant.
The Bund
This mini vacation brought to you by my world-traveling nephew.
- Photos courtesy of D.G. Evensen

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This was fun! Looks like a beautiful city