Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Shower!

Barbara M's baby shower was held this past Saturday.  I had never been to a co-ed baby shower before.  I have to admit it was a very fun afternoon.
Veronica and her sister, baby momma Barbara pose for the camera
Veronica was one of the driving forces behind the shower.  I work with both her and her sister.  They are both beautiful ladies with a big, boisterous, loving family and lots of friends.  There had to be close to 50 people there, spread out over the two-tiered back garden and the large house.
The house was decorated in cute ways

Barbara's mother with her grandkids

This little lady's name is Emmie.  She is a delightful child!
I imagine Barbara's little girl will look a bit like her.

Here is Jeffrey, the Brussels Gryphon and Family Dog
 watching the festivities with longing

Baby daddy Ulysses was the chief cook, barbecuing carne asada and chicken for the guests.  There was all kinds of food: warm tortillas for the meats, several different kinds of homemade salsa, rice and beans, and a big pot of (my favorite) homemade guacamole.
Chief cook, Ulyses and his friend discuss grilling techniques

Barbara schmoozing with her guests

Playing games
There were several games.  I even won one!  The funniest involved a test of "multi-tasking".  The contestant had to hold a "baby" and cradle a cell phone while taking clothes off a clothesline.  I was surprised at how many of the menfolk tried their hand at this!  It was pretty funny.
The guys were very good sports about the games

Carmen, one of my co-workers, and her mother
The weather was almost chilly.  It was quite overcast all afternoon.  The sun came out for about 15-20 minutes at one point and then hid again, and there was a chill breeze.  In a way it was nice that it wasn't really hot.

I still got a bit of color!  Funny how that can happen even on a cloudy day.

Barbara's lovely mother enjoying the games

Veronica, Barbara's sister and her main man, Evan

Yummy desserts
There were umpteen platters of these in all varieties
Mexican pastries are so delicious - and remind me more of Scandinavian treats than American ones.
Barbara showing her mommy skills

Carmen's turn - she did a good job!

Emmie's teddy bear watched from a cool vantage point in the garden

Veronica and Emma, my co-workers

Getting ready to play the baby bottle game - I sucked at it!
We also played a funny game trying to see who could empty a baby bottle first.  It was a LOT HARDER than it looks.  I gave it the ol' college try, but was a miserable loser!  It's hard trying to compete at anything which involves your mouth when you are giggling uncontrollably.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Ulysses and his beautiful mom.  She makes killer salsa.

Barbara and some former KOA employees chatting about old times.

Barbara enjoying a quiet moment.  The food was terrific.

Ulysses, Virginia, a neighbor, and Barbara watching the games
[I have a gazillion adorable photos of Barbara opening her gifts, but had run out of space on the camera disk and so used my phone.  Since I've had trouble downloading them from my phone, I'll have to post them on another day.]

I think this little girl that Barbara is expecting is a lucky kid.  She is coming to a good family and her life will be filled with lots of other good people, extended family and friends. What a blessing!

One thing's for sure: Veronica sure knows how to throw a good party!

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