Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Graduates

Rise and shout!  They graduated!
My niece and her husband graduated from BYU last week.  This blog would not be complete without posting a few photos of them in their caps and gowns.

 Their commencement and individual college convocations took place over Thursday and Friday.  Back in my day, it all  took place on the same day.  I suspect there are just too many students graduating for them to do that any more.  My sources tell me it took more than two hours just to read the names of all the graduates in Jeff's college!

All that hoopla is necessary and makes them official graduates.  Lots of hard work went into those degrees, it's only fair that they get a chance to bask in that glory for a few hours.

Beautiful Linnea
 I love this portrait of Linnea (above) by her father.

Jeff posing in front of the carillon bell tower

The carillon bell tower, and the "Big Mac" Marriott Center were built when I attended BYU.  It doesn't seem that long ago.

Jeff's sister, Jeff, Linnea, Brother and Sister Jeff's parents

It looks like they got some beautiful spring weather and the rain stayed away for a few minutes for the picture taking.  I'm so glad Mother Nature cooperated.

The kids followed up a busy two days of graduation ceremonies with a big blow-out party on Friday night.  Everyone who attended is quoted as saying it was "A lot of fun!"

Now: Onward and Upward!

-Photos Courtesy J.D.Evensen

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