Monday, April 23, 2012

Loving Learning

At two years old, our little Fredrik is an avid learner.  He's discovering the joys of reading and learning his letters.  This is not strange considering his father surprised the heck out of his parents, by teaching himself to read at age 3, because he didn't like waiting for his father to read him the Sports page of the newspaper.

Fred's parents noticed his avid interest in learning and have been fostering it by playing fun games with Fred, and doing learning activities that Fred really enjoys.
Daddy and Fred reading Curious George
Our whole family are book-a-holics.  It's no wonder that Fred inherited that gene.

Fred has fun tracing images in this play and learn book of his.  He has quite a good eye, considering his age.

His Dad says he loves erasing the drawing and starting again.  He loves this activity and it keeps him very busy.
Daddy putting together a table just for Fred
Fred's parents decided Fred needed a table and chairs all his own, so they stopped at the local IKEA to pick up a child's table and chairs, which Dad carefully put together.  (For being non-mechanical, Daddy is doing pretty good at assembling the IKEA furniture!)  Now Fred has a place of his own to read and draw.

Fred is also learning to write.  He isn't sure which hand is most comfortable to write with yet, so he's exploring writing with both his right and left hands. I remember having the same dilemma when I first learned to write.  In these photos, it looks like he's favoring his left hand, but he's two and I suppose that could change.

Mommy is helping him in this effort.

I don't know.  Does it make you feel like an underachiever to see a two-year old learning to read and write?     Old Goo Ma (Great Aunt) me is feeling it!   I take comfort in the fact that I have a few years head start on him in the reading department...

Just a few.

My motto:  "So Many Books, So Little Time"

You've probably seen that on a bumper sticker.  Or a tee shirt.  I'll have to get one for Fred now.  (A tee shirt, not a bumper sticker.)

Book-a-holics out there everywhere take note: add one more member to the club.  Fred.  Age 2.

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Fred is so cute!