Friday, April 6, 2012

April Fool's Week

I wondered what Edward had done to his cubicle...
On Wednesday afternoon I spotted a bunch of stuff hanging from the ceiling over in the engineer's area and seemingly above Edward's cubicle.

As the engineers often fly toy helicopters and do other odd things on their breaks, I thought at first Edward had found a new hobby of some kind.

Then I rounded the corner and saw this:
EVERYTHING in Edward's cubicle has been neatly wrapped in clear plastic wrap.  The things hanging from the ceiling were finally identified upon closer inspection.  They appear to be his keyboard and his mouse...

I asked the other engineers, "Why did you guys do this?"

The reply?  "Edward took his vacation over April Fool's week."

 You can see in the above picture his monitor neatly wrapped - and his clock (on top of the CPU).

"Shrink-wrapped for your protection"
 The phone was barely identifiable.
Even the wastebasket?  Oh my!
 They even got the wastebasket!
The bookcase also got Saran-wrapped!
It was difficult at first to see that the bookcase was also carefully shrink-wrapped.  I had to get in the right light.

I heard the big boss walked right past all of this and didn't say a word.  I love my office.

Oh, by the way, this is Edward:

I can't wait to see his face when he returns next week.  "April Fool's, Edward!"

If I were the other guys, I be afraid.  Very afraid.  Edward is not someone to be trifled with.  His retribution will no doubt be swift, cunning... and terrible.

And now in the meantime I'm going to go laugh myself silly!

[Note: Since I wrote this, someone has added a few "Hello Kitty" posters with the words, "It's a Party!" on them.  Too funny.]

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