Friday, April 20, 2012

Max Redux

I had such good reactions from my recent post about the indomitable, party-loving Max, that I decided he needed another post which featured him.

This is Max hanging out in a little kitty contraption.  This was taken at his house, at a party in the summer of 2011.  He was being just as cute and funny then as he was recently. And you know me... I just had to share.
I think cats have a natural affinity for small confined spaces.  However, the evening these photos were taken, Max was just showing off how cute he was!  He knew he was entertaining the crowd and was milking it for all the attention he could get.
And, as usual, after being quite the party animal, he later went into the quiet of one of the bedrooms and sacked out!

Max, you are a cutie pie.  I'm glad you are in my circle of friends.

Everyone should have a cat like Max - or my Jack - in their lives.  I just think everyone would be in a lot better mood every day if that were the case.

Remind me to take that up with the President some day...

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Colette said...

Max is such a lovely cat. I love his coloring- and he looks so sweet and well-behaved!