Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zona Costa Azul

The Azure Coast Zone - Acapulco, Mexico
March, 2012
Our missionary, Elder Nils, is still in Mexico and doing great.  He recently sent this photo of his Mission Zone conference.  That's Nils seated 2nd from the left.  His recent comments are right.  He is ridiculously tanned.  Being Scandivanian, we are all usually pretty pale as a family.

The mission president and his wife are seated to the right of center, while Elder Tenorio, the visiting general authority and his wife, are next to them on the left.  Elder Nils had to lead this meeting and was very nervous.

However, he writes:
Directing the meeting was really fun.  You don't realize how easy it is to forget Spanish until you go to direct a meeting in front of a general authority.  But it went really well.  Elder Tenorio is an amazing guy, with amazing stories.
Looking at the photo, it's easy to spot the gringos, isn't it?  I had to chuckle.  But this is a fine looking bunch of handsome, dedicated and hard-working young men.  In case you didn't know, or had forgotten, all these young men (age 19 and up) serve for 2 years at their own expense.

These young kids, wherever they may be serving in the world (young women age 21 and up can serve as well) are my heroes.  The work isn't always easy, but it's tremendously rewarding to teach people, and see lives change for the better.

Elder Nils passed his first year mark in January and is on the slide towards home.  As a Zone Leader, he keeps very busy!  This photo was taken at the Zona Costa Azul Zone Conference they held last week in Acapulco.

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