Thursday, March 29, 2012

Whole Lotta Shakin'?

Acapulco Ward Talent Show
According to our man in the field, Elder Nils, he didn't feel any 7.4 earthquake last week!  He writes:
Nah, I didn´t even feel the earthquake, we were walking in the street...when we got a call from prez asking us if we were OK. We were pretty confused, seeing as how we didn´t feel anything.
We called all the missionaries, all are good, a few of them got a little shaken up but nothing big. My comp was kinda bummed, he´s been in quite a few earthquakes now and still hasn´t felt anything. 
I'm grateful there was no cause for alarm, and am not terribly surprised that they didn't feel much being 100 miles away from the epicenter and moving.

Nils further writes:
We´ve definitely had a fun week here though. Our zone is leading the mission...We baptized 28 people in our zone this last month, which is pretty good. I told the assistants that our secret to success is that the zone leaders are so amazing. [Ha! Nils is a Zone Leader. Very funny, Nils!]
We had a giant ward activity which was a lot more successful then we expected. We gave a tour of the building and each organization explained what they do and shared a message.

We ended the activity with a talent show from the ward. Which was really fun, a lot of Mexican dances, singing, and all sort of cool stuff. Everyone loved it. The place was more full then it usually is for stake conference.
It looks like the church is thriving in Acapulco.  I think their ward talent show looks a lot like our talent shows here.

How fun.

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