Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy - Belated - St. Patrick's Day!

The Myrtle tree in my neighborhood
 I don't think anyone, including the Irish, have as much fun with St. Patrick's Day as Americans do!  We usually go all out, wearing green, eating corned beef and cabbage, pinching folks who aren't wearing green, and generally having a fun time with it. 

This year, my St. Patrick's day (the 17th) was rained out.  The above photo shows the darkened sky as I was on my way to work on Friday (the 16th).  It was already sprinkling as I left the house.  (I love that big pink blossomed tree, by the way.  I think it's a Myrtle.  If I'm wrong, please let me know!  We have lots of them around where I live.)

Blossoming trees on the way to work.
First thing I noticed in leaving the house, was that the light was "off" and all the sidewalks were wet.  It wasn't really raining, though.  Just misting and threatening rain. 

The darkened sky is just not usual, especially after our change to Daylight Savings Time last weekend.   Ooooh.  Can I take a minute to say how much I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME?

I really do. 

Probably because I'm from Arizona and, being rational folk, we don't do that time changing thing there.  But, I digress...

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  St. Patrick's day. 

We were expecting a big rainstorm to hit by Saturday.

My St. Patrick's Day decorations at work
It did. 

As I  traveled up to North Hills to a party, I kept hitting patches of rain here and there.   And it was cold and windy!  Really cold.  However, in comparing notes with folks at the party who have relatives in Illinois and Ohio, it appears our temps on Saturday were way lower than theirs!  So, I guess I'm justified in saying it was cold, cold - not just cold for here!  Weird, huh?

So, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone - even if it is a little late.  I hope you all had a terrific weekend, whether you celebrated St. Patrick's Day or not.

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