Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Relief Society!

The Stake Center recreation hall was beautifully decorated for the well-attended luncheon
The LDS women's Relief Society was organized in March, 1842.  It is the oldest, and largest women's organization in the world.  There are over 30,000 Relief Societies throughout the world.

I really love Relief Society and my association with all these wonderful women!

On Saturday, our Stake Relief Society held a nice program for the women of our Stake in honor of the Relief Society birthday.
There were hundreds of women there
A presentation in the chapel preceded the luncheon.  It consisted of a lovely program about the powerful influence of one righteous woman.  The powerpoint presentation discussed the beautiful examples of righteous women from the scriptures.

It also showed us pictures of Relief Society sisters from across the globe.  Relief Society provides volunteer services of all kinds throughout the world, including promoting literacy and providing vital immunizations for children.

The presentation ended with a video of the song, "Daughters of a King".  It was a truly beautiful program, and just the right length, I thought.
Everyone enjoyed being able to socialize at the lovely luncheon
The luncheon following the presentation was really well organized.  Every table had a pitcher of water, fruit cups filled with berries of all kinds were at each place setting, and a tray of a delectable assortment of all kinds of cupcakes sat in the middle of each table!  Yum!

We were each served up a lovely and LARGE salad of tortilla chips, black beans, salad greens, shredded cheese, and a huge scoop of shredded, mildly spicy chicken.  Salad dressing was also on the table.  The salads were conveniently served in containers that you could take home if you wished.

It was all planned for a minimum amount of clean-up - but it was also really tasty.  Everyone at my table enjoyed the meal and commented on how delicious everything was.
Every table had a delightful array of cupcakes for dessert
 I am always amazed at how well the Stake Relief Society manages to quickly feed hundreds of hungry women very quickly.

The Stake young women helped serve the salads, I believe.  It all happened so fast and efficiently, I hardly noticed them.
Everyone received a huge chicken taco salad and a cup full of fruit.  It was yummy!
I ended up at a table with some of the women from my ward.  It was fun to sit and chat.  As you might imagine, with all these women eating and chatting the noise was deafening!  Ha!  It's great to be able to just sit and talk with people you love, that you don't get to socialize with very often,
Diane, Betty and Nancy
 Diane, Betty and Nancy are members of my Sunday school class. We always have fun together.  Betty has served faithfully as a ward missionary for nearly 20 years, I believe.
Mary Beth, Diane and Betty enjoying lunch
 Our Bishop's wife, Mary Beth, looked beautiful, as always.  I admire her alot.
Debra, Mary Beth and Diane
Debra is new member of our ward.  I really enjoy her!  She has recently been called as one of our ward Relief Society teachers.  I enjoy her lessons.

I'm so lucky to be a part of Relief Society!  It is a force for good in the world, and it has blessed my life in so many ways.  I am happy to count all these good women as my sisters.

So, Happy Birthday, Relief Society!  You're looking good for your age...

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