Monday, March 26, 2012

Barbara's Last Luncheon

The KOA gang: Emma, Sabrina, Barbara, Danika, Carmen and Veronica
Friday was Barbara's last day before taking off on maternity leave.  All us office ladies took her out to lunch in honor of the occasion.  We went to a little hole-in-the wall place just across the border of East L.A. in Los Angeles proper.  It's in Boyle Heights, not far off Cesar Chavez Boulevard, and only about 10 minutes from where we work.
This is the restaurant - a Mexican establishment called Ciros.
It's a tiny place but the service is wonderful and the food is truly heavenly!

You can see how overcast the sky is.  We were expecting another rainstorm over the coming weekend.  When it finally hit on Sunday, it rained all day long!
I'm going to miss Barbara while she's off on leave!
 This was Barb's last day for a few months as she goes off on maternity leave.  I will be a lone woman in my corner of the building once she is gone!    The ladies over in Corporate - on the other side of the building - have promised to come visiting every now and then so I don't get lonely.  I'm stocking my candy dish with chocolate to make sure that happens!
I ordered carnitas tacos.  There was so much food, I barely was able to finish one of them. 
There were plenty of chips, green salsa and a salsa that was just huge chunks of avocados on the table.  The chunks of fresh avocados were so wonderful. I mashed them a little on my plate and added a healthy dose of the green salsa.  Yum!  Everything was so tasty!

I love carnitas - that's roast pork for all you non-Spanish speakers!  (Hey, I can at least order in Spanish, but that's about the extent of my espanol!)  I think it's the Norwegian in me that loves the roast pork.  It's crispy and delicious.  Just yummy!  And there was lots of it. You can see how generous the portions are.  The tacos were so huge I couldn't pick them up to eat them.

We have a good group of women at our company.  I really enjoy working with them, and lunching with them is always a lot of fun, too!

It won't be long now until the baby comes.  Next up:  The baby shower, coming at the end of the month!

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