Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Most Interesting Cat...

Jack O'Neill Meow Thai Evensen
I can hear the voice-over in my head:

The most interesting cat in the world isn't content to nap.  He reads Saint-Exupéry in the original French.  He enjoys Disney films.  He likes to take long walks along the beach.  When he chases a mouse, the mouse feels honored to be caught.

Hummingbirds visit him just to chat.  He only drinks bottled Evian water.  He is a gourmet cook.  He adores opera.  Fleas don't bite him out of respect.

Jack being distracted for a minute

He collects modern art.

He and Schroedinger's Cat, Walter, were college roommates and BFFs. [He recently heard a rumor that Walter was dead, followed by another rumor that Walter was alive.  Hmmmm.]

Jack posing for the camera

His fur is silky and is always groomed perfectly.  Lady cats travel long distances just to get a glimpse of his fabulous whiskers. 
He is... the most interesting cat in the world.
He is my Jack.

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