Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Acapulco News

Coconuts, anyone?
I'm happy to report after yesterday's massive earthquake in Mexico, that the missionaries in that area are all accounted for and doing fine.  I'm sure they all have some rattled nerves, though!

I can't wait to hear the stories in the weekly newsletter.  Elder Nils finally sent a batch of new pictures in last week's post, so we can get a glimpse of his life in Acapulco.  Well, life in Acapulco before the quake, that is.  Here he is (above) with his companion eating fresh coconuts.  Looks good!
Vanesa (age 9) and her family with the Elders
Vanesa is one of their most recent converts.  The elders taught her a few lessons to prepare her for her baptism.  Her family is slated to be sealed in the temple next week.  What a wonderful blessing!
Beautiful Acapulco
So, here they are, our Elder Nils and Elder Odell, posing, against that spectacular view... oh, you poor guys, you had to be called to serve here!  How do you stand it every day?  It must be so horrible!

At this point in my post, I wish there was a sarcasm font.  You know, a type font that would clue people in that the stuff they are reading was meant sarcastically. 

So, obviously I don't think being in Acapulco is a chore.  Don't send the hate mail.  I was being sarcastic.  In truth, it looks pretty darn amazing.  And I live in Southern California, so I know from amazing.  (I also know from earthquakes, living in So Cal.  I know that even though you are fine and the house may be fine, it takes a while to get over it.  Still, Nils' dad points out that these missionaries are young and probably thought the whole earthquake thing was fun and exciting.  I'm just glad there doesn't seem to be any loss of life that we know of so far.  So, I'll just shut up now.)

But then, I see where Nils has written:
I think it's 90 today, but in our house it feels like 70, what with the ocean breeze and all.  Did I tell you that we are setting up a hammock in the house this next week?  I'll send you some pictures.  Man, the mission is just so tough.
Maybe Elder Nils needs a sarcasm font, too!  Ha.

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