Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy March - April Birthdays

A Big Happy Birthday to our friends with March - and April birthdays.  We had a party on St. Patrick's Day to celebrate Maura, Paula, and Lisa's big days.

Even though the weather outside was frightful, we had a terrific time, as usual.  There was a lot of laughter.

Lots of Laughter.

LOTS of it.
Party-goers watching the present-opening ceremonies
Birthday Girl Paula wore an appropriately green St Patrick's Day shirt
Barbara participated from Virginia

"Every Life Should Have Nine Cats"
Maura with the best sign ever - for an owner of  9 cats!
The funny thing about having a party in a home with 9 cats, is how the cats react to having hordes of people descend upon their home.

We are loud, laughing, silly, cat-loving hordes, too!

It's pretty simple, really:  There are the outgoing, life of the party cats. There are the "we think you may be up to no good, but we'll wait and see" cats.  There are cats who simply hide under the bed and wait until the hordes go away.

Max is a life of the party cat (more on him in a later post).  He had such a good time, party animal that he is, he wore himself out.  He finally found a comfortable lap and conked out.
Max found a comfortable lap
It was a lot of fun to see everyone.  I had a great time!  I love visiting with all the people - and with all the animals.  Jack's little sister Lucky lives here.  She was glad to have an update on how her brother was doing.  She is a little, shy, sweetheart who looks very much like her brother.

After seeing all the huge cats that live here, my Jack seemed pretty tiny when I got home!  However, he's still the best cat ever in the hugs and kisses department.  I think I'll keep him!

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