Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taiwanese Pizza

Lobster Pizza and Seafood Pizza
I learned some interesting facts recently.  #1: They have Dominos Pizza on Taiwan.  #2: Pepsi bottles look like Pepsi bottles, even when you can't read what it says under the logo.  #3: They have lobster pizza in Taiwan.  #4: They also have seafood pizza there.

And #5:  My little great-niece Livia likes to munch pizza.

Number 5 should actually come as no surprise.  My nephew Daniel, her dad, said his bedtime prayers thusly when he was around age 2: "Dear Heavenly Father, Thanks for pizza!  Amen."

At least his prayers were totally sincere and heartfelt.  And pretty straight forward.

Livia munching pizza she stole all by herself
Lobster pizza, though?  Is it too much of a good thing?  And whatever happened to good old pepperoni?

In addition to strange, non-traditional pizza (although I will reserve judgement until I actually try one - they may be delicious), I also learned that Chinese food can be packaged in amusing ways...

"Good Good Eat"
I have no idea what "Good Good Eat" is.  Obviously it's good; and you eat it.  Perhaps I can get Daniel to elaborate some day.

For dessert, there was also a rare delicacy called chocolate banana pizza:

I am torn on this one.  While I have no problems with chocolate (Yum!) and bananas separately, or chocolate and bananas together, I find it hard to imagine this as a pizza.  I'm not entirely adverse to the idea, I just have to warm up to it, I think.

What do you think?  Lobster pizza?  Chocolate and banana pizza?  Which would you rather try?


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Marybeth said...

I love lobster and would love to try lobster pizza. In Maine, they have McLobster sandwiches at McDonalds. Who knew?