Monday, February 13, 2012

Meanwhile, Back In China...

Livia and her Great Grandmother
Livia recently was able to meet her Grandparents and great grandmother while on holiday in Taiwan.  She looks really serious in the offficial photos with her relatives, but I think her Grandfather Lin was quite taken with his petite American granddaughter.

Little Miss Livia is nearly a year old, so she's starting to pull herself up and is trying to walk.  She looks pretty happy here in this picture at the playground.

Daddy!  Look how cute I am.  Pick me up!
  Mommy and Daddy bought Livia a new dress and she looks adorable in it:

Her Aunt Linnea called her a "fashionista with a cell phone" when she saw this photo!

Livia grabbed a slice of pizza all by herself - and ate the whole thing.  Yup.  She's a relative.

And pretty soon, I'm going to be into everything, mommy.

Livia still attracts crowds of fans wherever she goes.

Livia with her grandparents
I'll be posting more of Daniel's pictures from Taiwan.  It looks like they had a great trip.  Next up - stay tuned for Fred's hiking adventures!

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